The recent trend in the society is seeing a paradigm change in the matrimonial relationship.  The numbers of divorce cases are rising at a alarming rate, resulting in rise of bitter child custody battles leading to a single parent society.

Innocent children are used as tools of vengeance by vindictive litigants affecting the child’s psyche, adverse effects of which surface in child’s later part of life..

In Child Custody battle the children are often alienated from one of the parent and Alienation of the child consequently affects in the later part of the child’s life such as drug abuse, deteriorating educational achievement, premature sexuality, mental / personality disorder, chronic depression, suicidal tendency, out of wed-lock birth, and often a major force behind serious crimes.

We made representations to the family courts and high court as there is an urgent need to establish well defined framework and guidelines for family courts to implement by looking into the best interest and welfare of the child while deciding the custody of the children so that a child is not deprived and gets the love and affection of both the parents.

We Stand By and Believe:

  • It is a Child Rights to get love and affection from both the parents equally & irrespective of parents conflicts.
  • Each parent has a unique contribution to make to their children’s development.
  • Shared Parenting / Joint Custody is the best option in the interest and welfare of the child.
  • If Not Equal than Substantial and Significant Time of Visitation / Access should be immediately granted in the interim itself so that the child has close and continuing relationship with the non-custodial parent.
  • Immediate Access to the Child upon application ie. Weekend overnight stay during weekends, public holidays, major festivals, 50% of School holidays and vacation with the non-custodial parent.
  • In the interest and welfare of the child and for overall growth and development the Non Custodial Parent should be allowed to attend school, parent-teachers meet, functions such as sports day, annual day etc.
  • For the betterment of the child the non-custodial parent should be informed when the child is sick and be allowed to meet the child.
  • The custody should be immediately switched if a parent is found indulging in alienating,  brain washing or tutoring the child against the non custodial parent.
  • The allegations of child abuse should be thoroughly investigated and strictly dealt with.
  • The custody of the child should be entrusted to the mentally fit parent who can ensure the child the love and care of both the parents.
  • The child should not be deprived of his/ her heritage, lineage and family Values and Traditions and should not be kept away from Grand Parents and other immediate family members.

Immediate steps to be taken so that a Child’s heritage and lineage are not cut off.
Grand parents should not be deprived from Visitation and showering love, affection to their grandchild in the last stages of their life.